A shy one

roebuck, Platte
roebuck, hidden in the undergrowth, Platte, north of Graz, Austria.

There is a nice story behind this shot. I was on a walk at the Platte, north of Graz, looking for a possible shot of the dark clouds hanging over the hills that day. I got some nice ones – I will post one of them later – and was on my way back through a forest with lot of undergrowth when I noticed something bright brown in all of this green. At a closer look I spotted this little roebuck looking directly at me, about 30m away. At this moment I had the 24-70mm mounted on the 5D3, which would have been a bad choice. So I took cover behind some lumber, and started to change lenses to the 70-200mm plus a 2x extender. In the meantime, to pretty noisy mountain bike riders passed by, and I thought my chance for the shot was over. No, the roebuck was still there, staring at me. I moved a little to got a clear shot through all those leafs, and took the shot you see above. Still no reaction from the animal. “OK, let’s do a close-up, then”. But that was too much: Without any panic, with a long yawn instead the roebuck turned around and disappeared slowly. I bet he thought: “Oh man… how boring…”


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