Styriarte 2017 in full swing

The 2017 version of the Styriarte festival is now in full swing in going into it’s second week. Here are two impressions, shot by myself, lighting design by myself

Three more interresting weeks to go.

Published by lightismagic

Professional lighting designer in the entertainment industry, professional photographer

2 thoughts on “Styriarte 2017 in full swing

  1. Hello from Fiji!! I am one of those dancers in the image above! We were hoping if you had any more pictures from the festival? Thank you and hope to hear from you!


    1. Hi! Nice to hear from you. Sorry for the delay, but we had the opening of the 2018 version of the festival yesterday. Is is a full-range opera so everyone was very busy.
      I for sure had some more photos of the rehearsals, and I asked Irmi Herschel if the festival has more pics of your performance.
      Do you have an email address or some kind of cloud service (Dropbox i.e.) to send the photos to?
      Greetings from Austria


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