cone, close-up
A close up of a cone, shot in the studio, Graz, Austria in a 2-light setup
tennis balls
Lighting study on black background shooting, studio, Graz, Austria
Studio lighting football
Another study in the studio, this time a cross lighting situation using two lights looking at each other along the axis of the football
Njörd – Spirit of the Wind
Light and Sound installation “Njörd – Spirit of the Wind“, Klanglicht, Freiheitsplatz, Graz, Austria
Sunset River
The river Raab near St.Ruprecht/Raab, eastern Styria
River Raab
The river Raab in eastern Styria in the Evening sun
2 birds on the roof
Sidelight study using a basketball
small pond
In the middle of the woods…
yellow blossoms
all this spring colours!
Cherry blossom
cherry blossom in the spring, Mariatrost, Graz, Austria.
walking woman
Woman on a spring afternoon walk
Nyckelharpa, Psalm Festival 2016
Traditional Swedish folk instrument
Teonores di Bitti, Psalm festival 2016
The vocal ensemble Tenores di Bitti during their extra performance on the 2nd stage of the Psalm festival 2016 at the Foyer of the HLH
Tenores di Bitti, Psalm Festival 2016
The vocal ensemble Tenores di Bitti during their performance on the main stage of Psalm Festival 2016
landscape with snowy mountain tops
It wasn’t a cold winter with a lot of snow around here anyway. But now that spring is here, the still winterly mountain tops look make up for a nice landscape shot. I couldn’t resist the Ansel Adams look, though
Village in front of mountains
Small mountain village in the Pack region


Basketball busket
Basketball court in Graz – Jakomini
just a branch
frozen creek, January 2016, Fölling, Styria, Austria
frozen creek, January 2016, Fölling, Styria, Austria
Horse Girlie
Quarter horse mare girlie
Quarter horse
Snoozing quarter horse mare Girlie in the Winter afternoon sun
Hockey goal
Hockey goal
A Ratrac, preparing the ski slopes for the next day
Grüner See without water
the Grüner See – Green Lake- dried out in December
shadow and sunlight
The valley covered in rime
frosted forest, sunny rocks
The difference between sun and shadow
Light double two
Rowing on the Mur
Standup paddler
Standup paddler on the Mur,
Thalerhof Tower
The Tower of Thalerhof (GRZ), the Airport of Graz, Austria
Winter sunset
the sun sets over the dammed Mur, south of Graz, Austria.
Swan on the Mur
Swans in their winter quarters on the Mur, south of Graz, Austria.

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