water pump
water pump in the middle of the grass, Graz, Austria.


hare on a field, Graz, Austria.
Didn’t expect to find this one on a walk through the hills surrounding Graz, Austria. On a pasture full of cows, in bright late afternoon sunlight, this hare just relaxed.

straight lines

Power lines at the Platte, north of Graz, Austria.
Power lines running across the countryside in the north of Graz, Austria. The reason I shot this with the 100mm macro lens was that I just had two choices: the 100mm or the 50mm standard lens. I think the compressing effect of the longer lens suits the prominent lines of the cables well.


Cactus in a studio setup,, Graz, Austria.
Actually, I was just checking the remote shooting function on my 5D3. It turned out that some quite nice shots resulted in the progress. Cactus, shot with two flashlight, one as backlight on a stand, the other aimed manually in my hand, filtered with LEE 206. Done at, Graz, Austria