study in black and white

Back to the photo series I shot at Schloss Stainz, this for me is a nice example of the opposing art of design between nature and men. Round, fluid forms on one side, stark symmetrical forms on the other. Shot at Schloss Stainz, Styria, Austria.

antique sink

Another one of the shots at the styriarte 2014 opening concert at Schloss Stainz. Hidden in a corner I found that sink. Schloss Stainz, Styria, Austria.

weststyrian countryside

Next shot out of the Schloss Stainz series. A look at the weststyrian countryside, also known as “Schilcherland”. Do you remember the now famous “Schilcherland cats? Maybe you take a look at them in this blog…

yucca and palace

A yucca plant in front of Schloss Stainz. I was there to light to opening concert of Styriarte 2014, the annual classical music festival in Styria. Find some extra time to do some shots of the beautiful location, so expect more to come…

Hirzmann reservoir

The Hirzmann reservoir in the west of Styria, Austria. It was short before a severe thunderstorm… Have you noticed the dark cloud in the top left?

pfannberg, new processed

I got some new software tools, so I looked through some old raw files to play around. I found this one and now I think it is worth to be posted. It’s a view into the west from Pfannberg, one of the hills surrounding Graz, Austria. The shot was taken last autumn.