sunset fog

Shot this last week during a late afternoon walk, with the camera of my phone. Not that great in picture quality, but to strong an image to let it go…

the fog, the sun and the orchard

the leaves are all gone now

I have very little time to shot just for fun at the moment, so here is a reminiscent to the golden days of autumn. Shot just round the corner at Rosenhain, Graz, Austria.

After a very busy time, I finally post some new shots. Autumn is here and shows a full palette of colours and moods.

snow capped

I know, it can’t compete with what is up snow-wise in the US at the moment – but this is my first landscape shot with snow at the season.

birch trees

Birch trees in autumn colours, Fölling, Styria, Austria

pfannberg, new processed

I got some new software tools, so I looked through some old raw files to play around. I found this one and now I think it is worth to be posted. It’s a view into the west from Pfannberg, one of the hills surrounding Graz, Austria. The shot was taken last autumn.

Last days of autumn

Quite a while till my last post… I was very busy in the meantime, working on some great and interesting projects, maybe I will also post some shots from them. But here a two shots from one of the last sunny, quite warm days of autumn in late October. I was just enjoying the sunContinue reading “Last days of autumn”