the leaves are all gone now

Autumn colours
Trees and a pond in full autumn colours

I have very little time to shot just for fun at the moment, so here is a reminiscent to the golden days of autumn. Shot just round the corner at Rosenhain, Graz, Austria.

the track and the trees

Fields and trees in this country scene, Marhof. Styria, Austria
Now that spring takes finally over in the country side round here, it’s time for a few outdoor shots. This is a scene near Marhof, Styria, Austria.


January Evening sky

After all this swan, this is a calm one from the same day. In the Mur Auen, south of Graz, Austria, in the fading light of the day.

forest full of tree

Shot of a lot of trees in this forest, Teufelstein, Fischbach, Styria, Austria.