pfannberg, new processed

I got some new software tools, so I looked through some old raw files to play around. I found this one and now I think it is worth to be posted. It’s a view into the west from Pfannberg, one of the hills surrounding Graz, Austria. The shot was taken last autumn.

Trees in winter scenes

Two shots showing trees in the winter landscape near Mühlen, Styria, Austria.

blue snow

Another shot from this round in the Fischbacher Alps, Styria, Austria. The Fading light gives a smooth “blue-ish” tint to the landscape.

still winter

Another shot from a snowshoe round in the Fischbacher Alps, Styria, Austria. With the temperatures rising quickly now, perhaps one of the last this season…

tree with beard

On one of my recent snow-shoe rounds in the Fischbacher Alpen, I spotted this tree in the middle of a snowy forest. Guess this one needs a shave?

The witch-hide-away

Deep in the snowy forest of Styria, there’s a hidden place where… you know… @Teufelstein, Fischbach, Styria, Austria

Moore… or more from the archive

OK, some more pics out of my archive. Those are from last summer, the locations were around the Furtnerteich near the Neumarkter Sattel. Nearby is also a scientific bird-watching station. Camera was a 550D again.