chimney on the rooftop. City of Graz, Austria.
Leaning out of my window, and a small turn to the right, and a camera with my
rarely used 50mm lens mounted… and you get this. Plain and simple. I like it.

black cat

Black cat under some agricultural equipment. Shot near Marhof, Styria, Austria.
The first shot of the 2015 edition of the Schilcherland cats. Here in a black version. Others will follow. Shot near Marhof, Styria, Austria.

A landscape view with Schöckl

Shot from the almost same spot like the last post, but in the other direction, this is the view the Schöckl, about 1400m high.

view to the east

The countryside in the northeast of Graz, Austria. The shot was taken between the Lineck and the Hauenstein, two “mountains” near by…