Schilcherland cats #6

OK, another and for now the last one of the Schilcherland cats series. This was – or is – an extremely funny cat.  She was just watching, but as soon as the lens pointed at her, she started to move and rolling over the ground.

Schilcherland cats #5

Leave me alone! Don’t you see I’m taking a nap? Another of the famous “Schilcherland cats” shots… @Marhof, Styria, Austria.    

Schilcherland cats #3

OK, I cannot resist. Even my mum asked for more shots of the now famous Schilcherland cats. Be warned: I got some more left… ;-))

Schilcherland cats

OK, normally I’m not so into cats, actually I’m more the dog guy. But  being at Marhof, near the city of Stainz in the West of Styria for another project, I spotted lots of cats out there enjoying the first warm days of spring. So I couldn’t resist to take some shots. I will try… Continue reading Schilcherland cats