mountain view

I spent some days in the mountains of Tirol, one of Austria’s western provinces. So expect some mountains and landscape shots to come!

January Evening sky

After all this swan, this is a calm one from the same day. In the Mur Auen, south of Graz, Austria, in the fading light of the day.


A shot from  last winter – we are still waiting for snow here in middle Europe. I like the simplicity in this one…

Graz, view from the northeast

A view over the north of Graz, Austria. The shot was taken from a lovely place called Kalkleiten.

view to the east

The countryside in the northeast of Graz, Austria. The shot was taken between the Lineck and the Hauenstein, two “mountains” near by…

blue snow

Another shot from this round in the Fischbacher Alps, Styria, Austria. The Fading light gives a smooth “blue-ish” tint to the landscape.