sunny barn

When I worked on a concert for the Styriarte 2017 at the Freilichtmuseum Stübing, we finished the load-in and the setup early, so we have to wait for the evening show. A part of this barn was used as a storage place for our equipment, the dressing rooms and the FOH area – all at once. In the late afternoon the sun floated through giving this nice lighting…

Summer impressions

Some side impressions from the styriarte 2015 production at the Freilichtmuseum Stübing, Styria, Austria.

A traditional dance

Like I said, I was working as lighting designer and lighting director for the styriarte 2015, a music festival that centres around old and classical music. This production was a bit off, however. It merged classical music from the barock area with traditional Styrian folk music and dance. As is turned out, the gap is not that far as you may think.

The production was staged in the lovely surroundings of the Austrian Freilichtmuseum in Stübing, north of Graz. This museum tries to preserve traditional Austrian farm houses from the last century. They are dismantled piece by piece before they are going to be destroyed and put together in the museum as originally as possible. If you are anywhere nearby, it’s true worth a visit!