the leaves are all gone now

I have very little time to shot just for fun at the moment, so here is a reminiscent to the golden days of autumn. Shot just round the corner at Rosenhain, Graz, Austria.

sunset with basilica

Carneval in Venice

The ensemble Harmonie Universelle performed with “Carneval in Venice” a great Vivaldi concert at the Styriarte 2015 festival. Photographs and lighting design by myself. Helmut List Halle, Graz, Austria.

More of Felix

2 more close-ups of Felix, the 4 month old son of my colleague Edith. Over the weeks he spent with us at the styriarte 2015 music festival, he became used to the sound of the shutter and kept looking for the camera.  

Felix… and his mum

Sorry to all of you for my long absence. I had 8 exiting weeks as lighting director for the styriarte 2015 music festival in Graz, Austria. I did some shooting during the festival also, and I will sure post some pictures in the days to come. But let’s start with the secret star of theContinue reading “Felix… and his mum”