a touch of pink

sunset with basilica

blue hour Basilica

On the same walk where I shot the evening sky, on my way back to the car, I noticed the Basilica Mariatrost in a really great evening light. I have no tripod with me, so I took the shot with the 70-200mm freehand, what left some room open for composition. Well, next time.


Not much time to shot and to work  on post production these last weeks. This is one I shot on a short trail on horseback, up on the Hauenstein a, well, hill near Graz, Austria. This is the Basilica of Mariatrost.


Well, this has a little bit of a postcard-style to it… In fact, it was exactly intended to be one… shot this for a friend in Canada.

Again… ducks!

OK, it has been a while since the last duck photos… so here there are some! Shot at a small pond in Mariatrost, Graz, Austria.