Summer impressions

Some side impressions from the styriarte 2015 production at the Freilichtmuseum Stübing, Styria, Austria.

straight lines

Power lines at the Platte, north of Graz, Austria.
Power lines running across the countryside in the north of Graz, Austria. The reason I shot this with the 100mm macro lens was that I just had two choices: the 100mm or the 50mm standard lens. I think the compressing effect of the longer lens suits the prominent lines of the cables well.

The truth is somewhere out there

Somewhere… behind this blue mountains… are fields of fresh green grass… only for me…!!! Luise, the cow in one of her more selfish moods…  


I promised you, there’s more to come of my meeting with Luise, the cow. What about this close-up portrait?