I’m pretty

A shot from a place where I already had the opportunity for some great shots. This winter, it seems that over 100 swans have chosen this place south of Graz at the river Mur as their winter holiday destination. Also this time, they were great models in posing and also a little flight show. IContinue reading “I’m pretty”

solo swan

One more shot of the swans in the Murauen, south of Graz, Austria.

Another group of swans

Another shot from the Murauen, south of Graz, Austria. Seems that a not so small group of swans (more than in the picture) has chosen that place as their home over the winter. So I’m sure will return in the coming weeks the seek for more shooting opportunities.

group of swans

A group of swans in late afternoon light, in the Murauen south of Graz, Austria.

Again… ducks!

OK, it has been a while since the last duck photos… so here there are some! Shot at a small pond in Mariatrost, Graz, Austria.

Little fountain

Shot of the “horizontal” fountain, Karmeltiterplatz, Graz, Austria.

antique sink

Another one of the shots at the styriarte 2014 opening concert at Schloss Stainz. Hidden in a corner I found that sink. Schloss Stainz, Styria, Austria.

Hirzmann reservoir

The Hirzmann reservoir in the west of Styria, Austria. It was short before a severe thunderstorm… Have you noticed the dark cloud in the top left?