antique sink

Another one of the shots at the styriarte 2014 opening concert at Schloss Stainz. Hidden in a corner I found that sink. Schloss Stainz, Styria, Austria.

weststyrian countryside

Next shot out of the Schloss Stainz series. A look at the weststyrian countryside, also known as “Schilcherland”. Do you remember the now famous “Schilcherland cats? Maybe you take a look at them in this blog…

Schilcherland cats #6

OK, another and for now the last one of the Schilcherland cats series. This was – or is – an extremely funny cat.  She was just watching, but as soon as the lens pointed at her, she started to move and rolling over the ground.

Schilcherland cats #5

Leave me alone! Don’t you see I’m taking a nap? Another of the famous “Schilcherland cats” shots… @Marhof, Styria, Austria.    

Schilcherland tree

A tree, showing first signs of blossoms. Anyway, I was more attracted by the look of the branches… Near Marhof, Styria, Austria.