haze and snow



snowy mountains through haze
Snow covered mountains in the morning sun through a lot of haze.

This is shot is a “side product” from a photo shooting. While waiting for the set to be finished, I looked around and discovered this nice mixture of haze, a touch of sunlight and the early snow on the far mountains.


a little romance

evening mood
An evening walk at Pfannberg, north of Graz, Austria

Grimming, once more

Grimming, shot from Tauplitz
Grimming mountain, seen and shot from the Schöni Alm, Tauplitz, Styria, Austria

Another one shot from the session on the Tauplitz. The Grimming seen from the north side, at about 4.30 pm in January.

Winter panorama with cable car

Winter mood
Evening mood in the Styrian Alps – with cable car

awesome view

December without snow
Looking over the eastern Alps from the Teufelstein, Styria, Austria. December 2015

December without snow

December without snow
December without snow – sunny and dry on the mountains, heavy fog in the valleys

fog below

fog, mountains, clouds
the fog is filling the valley below, the mountains in full bright sunlight.

Shot in the Fischbacher alps, mid of December.