Surroundings of Graz

I continue with my action to bring photographs over from my former Flickr account.
This are 2 shots taken in the surroundings of Graz, Austria. Both shots were taken almost on the top of the Kleinschöckl. The first to the south looking over Graz, the second to the north looking into what’s known as the Grazer Bergland.



This is also – like I mentioned before some stuff that I bring over from my former Flickr account. 2 years back I joint my brother at a speedy day in a real race car – a KTM Xbow – at the Red Bull ring at Spielberg, Austria. The shots show my brother in the car, the one on the left in the box getting ready, the second at the start-finish straight at approx. 250km/h.

Into the future – let’s get on.

Hi to all of you out there!
A lot has happened since my last post, already over a year ago. All of us has learned what it means to live with a pandemic, and all of us had to find new ways to adapt our lives to the changed circumstances. For me, there were month with no or almost no work at all, and a lot of worries about the future. This situation has increased in the last weeks, with more and regular bookings coming in.
All this months my family and I stayed healthy, although I have to mourn over some good friends and colleagues passing.
So, I think it is a adequate moment to do some clean-up, especially in my digital appearance. So, to start easy, I quitted my Flickr account. There where numerous troubles with the new owners, and in the end it was no more possible to upload new contend. So I decided to bring some of my pictures hosted on Flickr over here.
And I will present all new stuff also here.
I’m also planning a complete overhaul of my website in the near future. With a very busy festival season upcoming, we will see how long it takes, but it will happen.

So for now here a some shots from a short trip to Piran, Slovenia in 2019. Beautiful location, would love to return when the travel restrictions will ease here in Europe.

Piran, Main square, 2019
Piran, life guard tower, 2019
Piran, Campanile, 2019

More to come soon!


Ohne-Uns Logo
Ohne-Uns Logo: Eine Aktion österreichischer Veranstaltungsdienstleister in Zeiten des Corona Viruses

Hi there!
A message in tough times. First of all, I hope all of you a healthy and safe. Try to stay this way.
Around here, most of the public life has come to a halt. Most of the businesses, shops, restaurants, bars, theatres, playgrounds and sport venues are closed.
This brings me to above logo: All Austrian theatres, concert venues, festivals, clubs, and other places of entertainment, but also exhibition venues had to stop their operation by government order at March 9th, until at least April 13th.
A lot of people working in this industry, most of them freelancers like myself had run out of jobs at that moment. There are some promises from the government about some compensation payments, but at the moment this is all a little vague.
So the community of all kind of professions working in this industry has started a campaign to not get overheard. This is “OHNE-UNS” (“Without-us”)

The website is in German, but maybe you take a look and re post and share :

Stay safe, guys!


tulips close-up
tulips shot at the studio.
©Thomas Bernhardt 2020. All Rights Reserved. No usage allowed including copying or sharing without written permission.
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A new post after a long time! I did some experimentation with different lighting setups for close-ups in the studio. I find this one pretty nice so I would like to share it with you.

burning evening sky

The silhouette of clocktower of Graz, Austria on top of the Schlossberg against a colourfull evening sky
The sunset over the Schlossberg, Graz, Austria.
©Thomas Bernhardt 2019. All Rights Reserved. No usage allowed including copying or sharing without written permission.
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Hello, I haven’t posted something here on this blog for a long time. But it’s a new year, so it’s time to change some things – or go back to some others. Well, I can only promise to put more of my time in this blog, posting examples of my work, background stories and things I think would be for interest for others.
Above picture was created after I finished shooting for a different project. It became dark, I turned around, and saw this impressive sky. I_m still not sure what’s the correct translation of the German word “Kitsch” is – but this is an obvious example of it!

The Black Sea Project

I would like to point your interest to a journey a friend of mine started last week. Well, the preparations started long before. He is travelling all the way from Thal, which is a small-town near Graz (and the birthplace of Arnold Schwarzenegger by the way), to Constanza, Roumania at the coast of the Black Sea. And he is doing this 2000km ride by bicycle!  He is following the rivers Mur, Drau and Danube.
During his journey he is writing a blog, which you can find here:
Take a look , leave a comment, and let’s send him a lot of energy! Keep rolling!

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