Website is online again

After sorting out the issues, my website is online again.
I would like to apologize for any inconveniences !


Momentary Website problems

Good morning
At the moment, there are some technical issues with my website We are working on the problem.

Guten Morgen,
Im Moment gibt es ein technisches Problem mit meiner Webseite Es wird daran gearbeitet.



New website

Dear followers and readers!

I finally published my new website

On this side I have created a portfolio serving as a showcase for clients and possible clients for me as a professional photographer.
What does this mean for this blog?
Well, mostly a slight change in the content I will post here. My plan is to give you more of a backstage view in my work, and, other than before, I would also like to post stories and pictures
coming from my “other” profession as a lighting designer in the theatre and the entertainment industry.
So,  I will not set myself rules too strictly, what is fitting here or not, instead I will keep it as open as possible, so be surprised.

kind regards




Weeks full of work

Hi everybody! Thanks for taking a look into my blog! You may have noticed  a little shortage in fresh posts and new photos recently. Reason is that I’m the lighting director of the opening production of this years Steirischer Herbst by the needcompany from Belgium. It’s pretty demanding, and so my time to shot and… Continue reading Weeks full of work